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Sony Vaio VGN-TZ3RMN replacement 1.8 HDD on mSATA SSD Samsung

The process of replacing regular hdd disk 1.8 inch laptop Sony Vaio VGN-TZ3RMN on Samsung mSATA SSD with an adapter mSATA PCI-E SSD to 40pin ZIF.
Gentil Alves Paganella Filho : is it necessary to do any config on bios to MSATA adapter to be recognized by system?.. I installed one but doesn't appear on bios disc list.
Ronald Valentino : Damn my TZ37 finally respawn from 2009 dead (I still have complete recovery n restore disc) and CHEAPER than just buying available 1.8 SSD ZIF on market (same GB). .two thumbs up buddy
Paul Smith : Really clear demonstration thanks
ПапКо : Сони отличные ноутбуки делали, жаль что перестали! У меня до сих пор работает VPCZ13, нужен был образ диска, пришлось прикупить ещё 3 рабочих ноутбука, теперь останутся на запчасти.
5f2 2f5 : Hey Thanks! You just gave my old laptop a second chance. I was about to throw it in the dustbin :)

Замена ZIF HDD на SSD mSATA на ноутбуке HP Compaq 2510p

Как заменить zif жесткий диск на msata SSD накопитель с помощью переходника ZIF to mSata в ноутбуке HP 2510p

Ответы на популярные вопросы по разборке: https://goo.gl/xFou36
Другие инструкции по разборкам ноутбуков, планшетов, телефонов на нашем сайте: https://goo.gl/sXcNyS

ZIF to mSata: http://ali.pub/2dvgns
Шлейф жесткого диска: http://ali.pub/2jjss3
mSata SSD Kingston: http://ali.pub/1o43am
mSata Samsung: http://ali.pub/1o43gn
mSata KingSpecs: http://ali.pub/1o43yj
набор отверток: http://ali.pub/1geuh0
инструменты для разборки: http://ali.pub/1gesj7

**** DISCLAIMER ****
This video intended for general information only. We will not accept any liability for damage or injury caused while following this guide. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. This video description and commentaries contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I could receive a small commission.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

#howfixit #laptop #disassembly #repair #HP #Compaq
How-FixIT : **ENG: In the description under the video you will find links to parts and tools.
**RUS: В описании под видео вы найдете ссылки на комплектующие и инструменты.
Eat Me : Какой стороной шлейф вставлять в переходник???
njtexit8 : Thank you for this video. I have the 2710p with original Toshiba 80 GB ZIF hard drive. Is the boot up speed much faster?
Jose Luis Garcia : Hi How-FixIT, congratulations for your channel and thanks for sharing your knowlegde with us :) I write you because i'm trying to install a msata disk to my hp 2510p but i', having some problems. I've tried to install a msata 128 gb and 240 gb but my laptop doesn't recognize it. I've checked connector and it's working well. What can i do to solve my problem? Should I try with other zif to msata board or i should try with a 64gb ssd? Thank you in advance.
Tenzor : Ноутбук HP Compaq 2510p адаптер работает. Перед установкой диска mSATA SSD в адаптер его необходимо
" Активировать и оформатировать в NTFS " на другом компьютере. Адаптер не умеет Активировать и форматировать. Мой диск mSATA SSD 32Gb InnoDisk показал результаты 77Мб чтение и 25Мб запись.
( я сразу ставил новый не активированный и ноутбук его не видел)

Tutorial: How to correctly connect a ZIF Cable into a 1.8" SSD and a 1.8" Enclosure

See our SSD and Enclosure here: http://www.memoryc.com/storage/solid-state-disk.html

Because of the large demand form our customers, we have decided to make this video especially for them.
Let us show you how to correctly connect a zif cable to a 1.8" SSD and enclosure.

It is simple but can be a little tricky at a time
Mike K : "Do not do this in real life". Proceeds to do it (holding SSD via cable only) in real life. LOL Good video though :)
komakaze komakaze : this was an excellent demonstration! just what I was looking for. Thankyou. I originally thought the HDD didn't even have a lever because it's smaller and different to the lever on the adapter. With my product I got 2 cables and am not sure what the difference is, but I guess I will try everything until something works.
Simon Royal : Thank you. My first use of a ZIF connector hard drive and I thought the white end had to go through the drive connector - whereas your tutorial shows it only needs to grip it.
mark petr : Great demo really helped. Keep up the good work K. U are missed.
Robert Soriano : Outstanding video.   Thanks!




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